Ubuntu Linux 18, Demo Examples Issues

Hello I wanted to test the examples from your SDK with the demo “3-minutes” version of nuitrack to evaluate the software.

Installation was fine, paths are set and cmake also configures the demo projects fine. making them also proceeds without warnings or errors.

However, if i try executing the resulting “a.out” files, it does not do anything. If I click execute, it just closes the prompt doing nothing. if I make ./bin/a.out it does nothing too. however, if i sh a.out
it gives me: a.out: 1: a.out: Syntax error: "(" unexpected
I have tried both the c and cxx executables and various examples to no avail. All build fine, but no execution possible. I’m running on ubuntu 18.04 LTS and realsense D435 with latest firmware and sdk installed.

Thanks in advance for any help resolving this issue

Found a partial error:

You deliver your programme with a precompiled librealsense2.so.2 without notifying the user about it - very annoying, and without writing in the prerequisites, that only a special realsense-sdk version might work (the version your binary is compiled against, currently 1.5.0). So I tried firing up the realsense-viewer which would not start after installing your piece of software and it turned out, the newest 1.6.5 realsense sdk is not compatible with it.
Will report back if installing with realsense version 1.5.0 solved the problem

Hi ipn8ter,

Actually, you can use any RealSense SDK version, but in this case you have to run Nuitrack using the following command:

LD_PRELOAD=/usr/local/lib/nuitrack/librealsense2.so.2 ./(name of your app)

Current Nuitrack is compiled with RealSense SDK v2.15.0. The next Nuitrack version will be compiled with the latest RealSense SDK release (v2.16.5).