Ubuntu16.04/Unity Activation Error

I followed this for the tutorial after activating my license.
I can see that it is activated on the console online.


But I get this error when I try to run it.

LicenseNotAcquiredException: NuitrackException (LicenseNotAcquiredException)
nuitrack.NativeImporter.throwException (nuitrack.NativeImporter+ExceptionType type) (at <e994b21777124ea9bce8f91cd774f163>:0)
nuitrack.NativeNuitrack.Update () (at <e994b21777124ea9bce8f91cd774f163>:0)
nuitrack.Nuitrack.Update () (at <e994b21777124ea9bce8f91cd774f163>:0)
NuitrackManager.Update () (at Assets/NuitrackSDK/Nuitrack/Scripts/NuitrackManager.cs:371)

Do you see the depth map after you click “Compatibility Test”?
If yes, please go to %NUITRACK_HOME%/data. Do you see the file “e24b…”?
If the file is created, please close the activation tool and run it again.
If this file wasn’t created, please run the activation tool as Administrator.
If you don’t see the depth map after you click “Compatibility Test”, please run “nuitrack_sample” from %NUITRACK_HOME%/bin and provide us with the console output.