UE5 Nuitrack Perpetual License reactivation

Hi there, my company bought a perpetual license, which I activatated with a Realsense Lidar Camera L515 on a previous computer running Windows 10 with UE 5.3.2. I ported the project to a more powerful computer (with Win10 + UE 5.3.2). Though I reactivated the license with the same sensor using the Nuitrack software 0.37.14, Unreal Engine keep logging the following message: “LogTemp: Warning: Nuitrack Trial time is over. Restart app. For unlimited time of use, you can switch to another license Skeleton tracking software - Nuitrack SDK - Kinect replacement for Android, Windows, Linux, iOS, Intel RealSense, Orbbec

How can I make sure that the license was correctly reactivated with the new computer?
How to check whether the issue comes from UE 5 plugin or not?

Thank you

Hello @malbanjunior
Open Nuitrack Activation Tool. Select your sensor. What type of license is displayed at the top of the window?