Unable to activate License


I am attempting to activate Nuitrack but am unable to register my license. I receive the following error in the logs:
Activation error: NuitrackException: CURL(35) SSL connect error
I am on a Windows 10 device build 19042 with curl 7.79.1 (Windows) libcurl/7.79.1 Schannel


Hi @burner1029

Please check the following to fix this:

  • Try to activate Nuitrack using cognitive.3divi.com, this page must be available on your PC for successful Nuitrack activation.
  • Please check time and date on your device, they must be set correctly.
  • Try disabling antivirus during activation, as the antivirus may block Internet access to Nuitrack.
  • If you have a proxy you should configure it in Nuitrack. Set Network.ProxyUrl item in the %NUITRACK_HOME%/data/nuitrack.config file


  • I am able to access the link provided, and can see the licenses there.

    • I’m unable to ping the site via cmd even when launched as an administrator but I get it with curl, with this response:
  • I’ve checked and the date and time are correct for my machine.

  • I’m unable to deactivate the antivirus on my machine.

  • My machine is not running a proxy from what I can tell

HI @burner1029

Try pinging like this: ping cognitive.3divi.com

Hi @a.bragin,

That does work.

But, I’m still experiencing the same SSL issue when I attempt to use either the nuitrack.exe, or when I compile the device api sample.

Is it possible to share the full api so that I can manually register the device?


Unfortunately it’s not.

Looks like the only thing left to blame is antivirus. Can you disable/pause antivirus during activation?
Another possible solution is to add Nuitrack to antivirus exclusions

Hi @burner1029,

Do you still face the issue? Have you tried suggestions above?