Unacceptable Performance in Unity

I am experiencing very poor Nuitrack performance in Unity when using Color Frame (Kinect v2). I need AR type background but NUITrack allocates more than 6MB each frame at spends 10ms each frame for just copying a single image!

Hi Przemysław Korzeniowski!

Yes, we also found that calling the Texture2D method takes a long time and requires an excess of memory. Optimization is required.
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Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention!

Hi Przemysław Korzeniowski!

We have prepared a way for you to quickly render ColorFrame. This solution uses GPU and is 17 times faster by our measurements.
To try this temporary solution, place the attached files in the project and replace the DrawColorFrame component with DrawColorFrameGPU in your scene. In the computeShader field, specify the bgr2rgb.compute Shader.

Looking forward to your response.