Unity 3d - object or "change in depth" tracking with Nuitrack?

I need to build an unity3D app in which a different content would be triggered if someone pick one of 4 reallife objects ?

my sensor (an Orbbec Astra Pro) is placed on the ceiling of a box where the objects are placed waiting for someone to pick one of them. hence the sensor does not see the all body and can only see the objects and the hand that comes to pick them up.

is it doable with Nuitrack ?

If so, what is the best way to go ?

Thanks forward

Hi Cédric,

It seems that Nuitrack isn’t quite suitable for your case because Nuitrack is mainly designed to track skeletons of users standing in front of a sensor. It can be used for hand tracking and gesture recognition, but the case when a sensor is placed on the ceiling is non-standard and tracking quality may be too low. Probably you have to develop a custom solution for this case based on the tracking of objects.

too bad. but thanks for your help.