Unity: Could not connect pins - RenderStream() to Intel Realsense D435

I am trying to play around with this camera in unity, but when I try to use it’s RGB features, I get the following error:
Could not connect pins - RenderStream()
RenderCamera:Start() (at Assets/Scripts/Camera/RenderCamera.cs:75)

where the script is as follows in the lines leading up:
72 webcamTexture.deviceName = devices[RealsenseD435].name;
73 Renderer renderer = GetComponent();
74 renderer.material.mainTexture = webcamTexture;
75 webcamTexture.Play();

So far I know that the Intel Realsense D415 works with this exact same project.

any help or experiences with the D435 would be greatly appreciated!

Hi snovan,

It seems that the error may appear due to some problems with camera drivers or some inaccuracies in the code. Please take a look at this post: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/38758702/could-not-connect-pins-renderstream-unity3d-webcamtexture-error