Unity Crash on Play

Window 10
What sensor do you use - Intel RealSense D435i
What is your Nuitrack version -
SDK Build Version:
Firmware version :

What is your Unity version - 2019.1.0f2
What license do you use - Trial Activated
Are there any errors in the Unity log? If yes, send us the screenshot.

samples work fine, just the unity scene that crashes?

Hi Mark,

  1. What scene do you play? Is it your own scene?
  2. By “samples work fine” do you mean our native samples (such as nuitrack_sample, nuitrack_c11_sample) or our Unity projects? Try to run one of our tutorial projects from the folder “Tutorials”.


sorry for confusion, the samples executables that are installed with nuitrack here work perfectly:

This is the sample seen that crashes, shown in the first post, is: …\Assets\NuitrackSDK\NuitrackDemos\allModulesScene.unity



apolgies, the first post screenshot shows using the NuitrackScipts prefab in an empty scene, but the result is the same as using the allModulesScene scene

If possible, try to run the scene with a different sensor (any other model).

Unfortunately I dont have access to any other cameras to use.

Is there any other advice or direction that you can propose to resolve this issue?

It’s weird that the sample executables work but the unity package does not, what is the latest unity version that you have tested successfully with?


Please try to follow the solutions listed here. We couldn’t reproduce this issue on our side. Unfortunately, we don’t have D435i on hand, we’ll check this again as soon as we have it.