Unity crashes with nuitrack on play

i’m using a windows 64 bit pc with:

  1. intel realsense d435 (the viewer works)
  2. nuitrack (trial licenses, activation tool(version 0.29.0) and nuitrack_sample works if i run them as administrator)
  3. Unity(version 2019.3.0f6) with nuitrackSDK
    to try to build an avatar in virtual reality.

Unity crashes every time i play one of the scenes from the Tutorials inside the nuitrack sdk, but without reporting any error.
This is what happen as soon as i press the play button.

After a few seconds it just says “Unity has stopped working” and then Unity closes.

Someone know what is going on and what should i do to fix the problem?
Thank you in advance for the help.

  1. Make sure that the package from RealSense has not been imported into the project (it can conflict with Nuitrack).
  2. Please try to run Unity as Administrator.
  3. Provide us with the Unity crash log (https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/LogFiles.html)

Thank you for the suggestions.
I don’t know why i didn’t think about it, but running Unity as Administrator solve the problem.
Thank you for your time.

By running unity as administrator you mean UnityHub because I tried running UnityHub as administrator but exact same issue of the crash. I’m using Unity2019.2.2.f1 for the project