Unity Crashes with RealSense 455 Using Nuitrack Faces.ToUse = true


I really enjoyed your Nuitrack SDK with Unity development. However, I am having an issue with Face Tracking with Realsense 455 in Unity. When I used the FaceTracking Tutorial from Nuitrack SDK, it is working fine without the emojis. I then did the following steps to change the Nuitrack.config file.

- set the “Skeletonization.Type” parameter to "CNN_HPE"

- set the “DepthProvider.Depth2ColorRegistration” parameter to true

- set DepthProvider.Depth2ColorRegistration to true

- set Faces.ToUse to true

Linked here in Google Drive are the original config file and the changed config file.

In the Unity build, I then ran the FaceTracking tutorial. It crashes on me every time. The error shown in the console is

"JSON parse error: Missing a comma or ‘]’ after an array element. "

This points me to the error on line 50 in FaceManager.cs . I tried to use try and catch to get the error. It crashed after a few seconds of running the game. When I commented out the lines below, it crashes.

I turned the Faces.ToUse to false and it is working completely fine. I think the problem is the parsing of the JSON when Faces.ToUse is turned to true.

Please let me know if you could help me debug the issue.

Thank you so much!


Hello @YitingLiuFC
Thank you for writing
We are aware of this issue and will fix it shortly

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Hi @Stepan.Reuk, I am wondering if you could give me updates on this issue? Thank you.

Hello. There is no exact date, but this fix is in the plans for this quarter.

Hi @YitingLiuFC,

Sorry for inconvenience. We will fix it in one of the following releases (in about a week or two).

Hi Vadim, I am wondering if this situation is fixed? If so, I would test it right away.

Thank you.

We are preparing this for the next release, sorry that hasn’t been fixed yet.

Hi Vadim, when would the next release be? Thank you! Yiting

We will try to release it as soon as possible (not earlier than Sep 10).

Hi @YitingLiuFC,

You can check the fix for this issue here.
We will add this update to our GitHub repository soon.