Unity example fail with Astra pro

I’ve set up the path variables and done the activation, and the nuitrack_c11 sample works as expected.
But when I run any example in Unity (say Nuitrack SDK: Unity 3D → NuitrackSDK.unitypackage → Tutorials → RGB and Skeletons), I always get just a white background with no images or skeletons.
And in the Unity console, there is no error, it says “Init OK”, “Run OK”
Any ideas on how to solve it?

Hi qding,

It seems that you didn’t turn on the RGB stream on your camera.

Oh thanks.
Now I can see the RGB image but I cannot see any skeletons displaying.
I am sure I have set DepthProvider.Depth2ColorRegistration to true.

OK, I see. It’s because I am too close to the camera.
Is there a certain distance range that the tracking works the best?

you need to almost completely fit in frame, to initiate tracking, so it is about 1 meter minimum