Unity Multisensor Sample Not Working With Kinect V2

I have 2 Kinect V2 sensors and I’m trying to run your Unity multi sensor example. However, only one Kinect sensor is on and shows the result, while the other one is completely not light on. Each Kinect sensor is tested with AllModuleExample and I’m sure they are working fine.

I’ve also set up a scene following your tutorial here: nuitrack-sdk/Multisensor.md at master · 3DiVi/nuitrack-sdk · GitHub. The result is the same that only one Kinect is on and shows its color image on the canvas. And it keeps showing the error message one Kinect is not found.

FYI, I am using trial licenses and both Kinect sensors are registered with one trail license. I tested on Nuitrack Activation Tool and can only see one sensor.
Unity Version: 2021.3.17f1
Nuitrack Runtime: 0.36.8

Can you please advice what could be the cause or any tutorial for setting up multiple Kinect V2 in unity?

Thank you!

Hi @Jedy

What OS are you using?

@a.bragin It’s Windows 11.
I also tested with the CMake multi sensor example here nuitrack-sdk/Examples/nuitrack_multisensor_sample at master · 3DiVi/nuitrack-sdk · GitHub. The issue is the same that only one Kinect is working.

Hi @Jedy

Currently Nuitrack supports only one Kinect V2 working at the same time on Windows systems since this is a limitation of Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0 which is used by Nuitrack as sensor driver. See link: Kinect API Overview | Microsoft Learn

At the moment, you can get multiple Kinect V2 to work on Linux. In the future, we could change the Kinect V2 driver in Windows. If you have a commercial interest in using multiple Kinect V2 on Windows, you can contact us directly.

Thank you for your clarification! I will look for other solutions then.

Hi @Jedy

We’ve just released Release Nuitrack v0.36.12 · 3DiVi/nuitrack-sdk · GitHub with multiple Kinect V2 support on Windows. You’re welcome to check it out!

Thank you for the update!

Hi @Jedy

Have you had a chance to try new release? Does it solve your issue?