Unity Nuitrack AI license question

hello, i am using Nuitrack Pro license .i have a few qiestopn

#1 : If i upgrade the license key to Nuitrack AI, the skeleton track algorithm will automatically upgrade to deep learning?

#2 : So far my sensor height above the ground is 2.5~2.6 meters, its vert hard to detect now. is there any height max limitation?,
if i upgrade to NuitrackAi, will it better?

Hi @manken,
#1 currently you have to manually enable AI skeleton tracking algorithm according to these steps. We understood that isn’t very convenient and are working on making this process “less manual” :slight_smile:

#2 Trial License allows to try AI skeleton tracking algorithm (by steps from #1), so the best way to reassure if Nuitrack AI works for your use-case is to try it out.