Unity SDK samples do not work in Unity player

Hi again

I had installed successfully nuitrack on a new PC, Inter D415 used.
The nuitrack_sample.exe works OK, environmental variable checked and work.
64 bit version installed.

If I compile Unity samples they work (in form of .exe files).
If I want to test the sample inside Unity player I get error message bellow.
Any idea what can be wrong ?

BadConfigValueException: NuitrackException (BadConfigValueException)
nuitrack.NativeImporter.throwException (nuitrack.NativeImporter+ExceptionType type) (at :0)
nuitrack.NativeNuitrack.Init (System.String config) (at :0)
nuitrack.Nuitrack.Init (System.String config, nuitrack.Nuitrack+NuitrackMode mode) (at :0)
NuitrackManager.NuitrackInit () (at Assets/NuitrackSDK/Nuitrack/Scripts/NuitrackManager.cs:221)
NuitrackManager.Awake () (at Assets/NuitrackSDK/Nuitrack/Scripts/NuitrackManager.cs:119)

It seems that Unity cannot get access to Nuitrack SDK files. Please check that Unity has access rights to the necessary Nuitrack files. Click on the %NUITRACK_HOME% folder, select Properties > Security and select “Full control” for all users (make sure that this is also applied to all sub-folders and files inside this folder).
Perhaps, some other program (such as an antivirus) prevents Unity from accessing Nuitrack SDK.

I had reinstalled the Nuitrack to C:\Nuitrack instead of default C:\Program Files\Nuitrack and I had given the C:\Nuitrack “Full control” …
And it works now as expected …
Unfortunately it means your installation procedure does not grant the SDK correct functionality even when done exactly as in your manual …

We’ll try to reproduce this issue. We’ve tested Nuitrack installation following our instructions several times on different PCs and it was installed correctly. Perhaps, the installation issue may occur due to user’s system settings.

I had made installation on 2 PC. On first one everything works OK without any modification. On the second one manual setting of “Full control” was necessary. So for sure the successes is PC configuration dependent …