Unity3D Hand Tracking Only

We are trying to setup an interactive AR experience using an Intel Realsense D415 and Nuitrack in Unity3D.

So far we have been having issues getting Nuitrack to recognize a user’s hands without seeing the whole skeleton first. We have seen a few posts on this forum stating that Nuitrack always requires seeing the entirety of the user’s body before tracking can begin, is this still the case?

If so, what is the best recommended solution for hand/gesture tracking in an AR application? Is there any way to accomplish this with Nuitrack?

Hi Tim,

Nuitrack is designed for skeleton tracking, therefore, unfortunately, there’s no way to track hands only in the current version. At least upper part of a user’s body should be visible and tracked by Nuitrack (for example, when a person is sitting).

Thank you Olga! We are experimenting with tracking the upper body from above, we will keep that information in mind. Being able to track just the upper body may work for our purposes, depending on how quickly Nuitrack is able to pick up the skeleton from above