UnrealEngine4 utility plugin

Hi Community,

I recently wrote Nuitrack utility plugin for UE4 and uploaded to Github.

It supports almost all modules that are listed in the docs.

Feel free to use it and please give some feedback.




Thank you for this cool plugin!
Unfortunately, I’m struggling to use the ABP_NuitrackToHumanoid to animate the Mannequin. I’m unable to use or locate it. I’d be happy to know what I’m missing there :confused:

Thanks a lot for your help.


Follow below

  • Download the latest plugin, and locate it in ProjectRoot/Plugins
  • Load Content Pack with ThirdPerson. We need the Manequine and its skeleton.
  • Restart project (because ABP_NuitrackToHumanoid is based on its skeleton)
  • Put a SkeletalMesh Manequine in your Level.
  • Then attach ABP_NuitrackToHumanoid in Anim Class.
  • Check Nuitrack IO variable in ABP_NuitrackToHumanoid is set correctly (not null)
  • Call Start of same Nuitrack IO from BeginePlay somewhere in your level. ( Nuitrack IO should have a certain access key)

Also I uploaded sample project here.
I hope it help you.


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