Upgrade to newer Nuitrack release with Trial license

Hi everyone,

I am currently using the 0.36.12 Nuitrack release with a Trial license, but I would like to use a function that is featured in a more recent release. I was thinking about removing my current version and installing the newer one, but I am not sure on how to proceed with the license.

What is the correct way to upgrade to a newer release without invalidating the trial license?

Thank you!

Hi @cg72,

Sorry for the delay.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Delete the old version of Nuitrack and install the latest version, then simply reactivate the same license
  2. Backup your license before uninstalling the old version of Nuitrack and then restore it after installing the new version (the license is located in the path: %NUITRACK_HOME%\data\license.json).

Hi @vadim.bazhin, method #1 worked perfectly.

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