Using NuiTrack instead of Nite in processing 2 or 3

I have the orbbec astra running fine sending the depth information to SimpleOpenNi scripts in processing 3 and 2. I also see the nuitrack examples running fine with the body tracking and recognition using both, kinect and orbbec, but havent been able to use nuitrack capabilities directly in processing. As I have too many working scripts to translate from simpleOpenNI in processing to Unity or other platform I wanted to see if it is possible to use Nuitrack instead of nite and how.

Hi Carlos,

It seems that SimpleOpenNI supports Nite2 tracking algorithms at the API level (correct us if we are wrong). To use native Nuitrack libraries in processing, support for Nuitrack API is required.
Please advise what Nuitrack API are you going to use: C++ or C#? Currently, Java API is not implemented in Nuitrack SDK.

HI Olga,

Indeed it does, but only for Kinect devices. I’m trying to use an orbbec astra in processing and It does run fine with depth oriented scripts, but haven’t found a body tracking sustitute for NITE (1, or 2) that runs on processing. I haven’t decided to use Nuitrack yet, as would prefer not to translate my previous work to another language, but it seems its becoming an option to work in cinder c++