Using Nuitrack with Recordings


I have access to depth and color data (OpenCV matrices) acquired from a Realsense sensor.
I would like to push them through the Nuitrack pipeline and get the output of the different modules.

How can I do that with the SDK?
If this feature is not yet supported, I’d like to help develop it since I (desperately :smiley:) need it in my project

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi @AndreiCostinescu,

Unfortunately, Nuitrack doesn’t have a handler mode, but we can discuss it within a custom development contract if you’re interested.

Hi @vadim.bazhin
Thanks for your reply!
Yeah, let’s do that. What would be my / the next steps now? :grimacing: :blush:
Best regards,

Hi @AndreiCostinescu, you can contact me by email:

Hi @vadim.bazhin
I have written an email, but received no reply yet. Could my email be lost in Spam :sweat_smile:?

Sorry for a delayed reply, I have sent a reply to your email.

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Hi @vadim.bazhin
Is there an update on this request?

Hi @AndreiCostinescu,

Sorry again for delay, I have sent a reply to your email.