Using the Nuitrack SDK on the web

Warm regards, Nuitrack.

I am a software developer and researcher from the SENNOVA research group. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jonathan Hernández.

I am conducting an investigation and attempting a test to implement this functionality (Virtual Fitting Room), but within a web browser or website. I have been searching through your official websites, but I haven’t found any information regarding this. I would like to know if this has already been implemented and, if so, could you please guide me on how to achieve a successful test? Thank you for your attention, and have a great day.

Unity Virtual Fitting Room Full Tutorial + Cloth | Unity, Realtime Tracking, Realsense, Kinect, etc,

Hi Jonathan, greetings from Nuitrack Team and thank you for your request.

Using depth sensors under web-browsers isn’t standardized anyhow, so even when considering porting to web assembly it’s difficult for Nuitrack to support different USB peripherals - depth sensors.

We’re plan to release RGB-only engine soon, and it will be a different story, because it’s easy to access web-camera in web-browser.

BTW, what sensor/camera do you plan to use ?

Another point is that web as a platform is usually used to optimize / streamline application delivery/deployment for the end-users, and there are other options to optimize it (such as launchers / auto-updaters / etc, which in general are used by our customers).

We have the same problem and im using an Kinect v1 right now and I have 4 error which is this

  1. Perhaps the sensor is already being used in other program. Or some unexpected error.
  2. It is recommended to test on AllModulesScene
    3.Also look Nuitrack Troubleshooting
    4.nuitrack.ModuleNotStartedException: Nuitrack Exception (ModuleNotStartedException…

I hope you notice my comment siiir…

Hi @KibaKiba,

Could you please check if you have the same issue with the empty Unity project and our AllModulesScene?
Additionally, please send us Unity logs.

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Dear Nuitrack Team,

First, based on the response you provided and the explanation, I would like to confirm if I have understood correctly that the execution of this functionality on the web cannot be carried out due to the reasons I mentioned (due to the lack of standardization and incompatibility of USB peripherals - depth sensors).

Secondly, in response to the question you asked, the camera/sensor I am using is a Kinect V2 model 1520.

Jonathan Hernandez, Software Developer and SENNOVA Researcher.

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Hello sir @vadim.bazhin , My unity works fine in my other project … and this is the error log …
sorry for my bad english


Editor.log path Unity - Manual: Log files

It’s correct.
I would like to refer How to write a Kinect plugin for web browser - Stack Overflow
It’s could be possible in principle, but too complicated / expensive for any mainstream usage.

I understand, thank you for the confirmation and the reference to keep in mind.

I appreciate your attention, and I would like to take the liberty of continuing to ask you some other questions that have arisen during this time.

  1. What are the most recommended and optimal Sensor/Camera devices for correctly implementing the functionality and using your SDK?
  2. What is the recommended and optimal version of the programs that interact with this functionality to ensure smooth execution and avoid any issues when testing with your SDK?

Functionality: Unity Virtual Fitting Room Full Tutorial + Cloth | Unity, Realtime Tracking, Realsense, Kinect, etc,"