Using unity to detect hands up and down

I’ve been looking around and i found this here, Recognize of rising hand and decided to incorporate that. The issues i ran into are the angles that determine whether your hand is up or down as it all seems very finicky, sometimes not working and sometimes giving a wrong response. If there better way around this. What I’m looking to do is get users Left hand up, Left hand down, Right hand up , Right hand down, Both hands up and down.

Are there any other sources that would be able to help me?

At the moment, NuitrackSDK does not have a built-in module for determining poses. We will add it soon.

It is very convenient to determine the direction of the limbs relative to the body by comparing vectors, for example, using the Vector3.Dot function, which will return 1 if the vectors being compared are directed in one direction and -1 if in the opposite direction. By varying the threshold, you can set the error from the direction reference.