VICO_VR unit trade in?

I have one of the VicoVR original units. Am I able to trade it in for the latest device, or should I just keep updating the firmware on this one?

Dear Johnnuy,

Our new device (TVico) is the next generation of VicoVR.
TVico is a set consisting of the sensor Orbbec Persee and the skeletal tracking middleware Nuitrack (includes the Nuitrack perpetual license). TVico is a standalone device with Android on board.

TVico has several cases of use:

  • as a Standalone computer (Connects to any TV via HDMI)
  • as a Peripheral (VicoVR case, wirelessly connects to Android/iOS devices)

Accordingly, the firmware update of VicoVR does not help in this case, since the devices have significant technical differences. We also unfortunately do not have the trade-in option, but now there is a special offer and you can purchase a device with a $ 40 discount here: