VicoVR Firmware 0.11

In this firmware update we focused on improving the quality of skeleton tracking in situations where hands in front of person, and some sitting poses.

Release notes:

Skeleton Tracker:

  • Orientations for LeftCollar and RightCollar joints added.
  • Skeleton tracking in sitting pose improved.
  • Elbow and Wrist tracking improved.

Don’t forget to update your VicoVR app from Google Play and sensor firmware.

I have an issue when I try to update the firmware.
When I select Firmware Update in the VicoVR app, I get an ‘Internet connection error’ or a ‘HTTP response code != HTTP_OK’ message
I also notice that my NuitrackSensor is also reported as Disconnected, although it does work when I test the sensor from the application.

When I select ‘Learn More’ at the ‘Get Started’ page I do get the VicoVR page.
But I also do not see any application anymore in the apps & games section

I am using version 1.2.4 of the VicoVR app…


Thank you for information!
We have moved our webserver to another server. Sorry about that. Everything should be ok now.