VicoVR Firmware 0.12

In this firmware update we focused on new point cloud streaming feature and reducing latency in all modules(especially Skeleton Tracker).
[color=red]You need to update VicoVR app for this firmware version.

Release notes:

  • New feature: point cloud streaming. Watch Video
    [*]DepthFrame and UserFrame resolution increased. It allows you to create point cloud based applications (3D reconstruction, scene interaction etc).
  • Frame resolution can be set in the Developer Options (up to 160x120).
  • Our new proprietary compression algorithm allows to transfer 160x120 depth map over Bluetooth on 30 fps.
  • On most devices disabling WiFi provides better framerate stability.
    ]Significantly (from 1.5 to 2 times) reduced latency. Especially in cases when only Skeletal Tracking module used in app.[/:m]
    ]Skeleton Tracker: improved tracking quality in cases when head is occluded with hands.[/*:m][/list:u]