VicoVR SDK v1.1

SDK Download link: …
Android Native OpenGL Sample Download link: …

VicoVR app now available in Google Play Alpha testing.
For downloading VicoVR app follow next steps:

  1. Join to community on G+ … 7865742131
  2. Press this link:
  3. After 5-10 minutes application will be available in Google Play: … vr.manager

[size=150]If you have received sensor before September, you need to update sensor firmware.[/size]
Firmware update instructions: … l.pdf?dl=0
Unzip and use this file system image: …


  • Firmware update feature.
  • New Bluetooth protocol with lower latency.


  • HandTracker enhancements.
  • Waving detection enhancements.
  • Grab detection enhancements.
  • UserTracker false detections fixes.
  • Skeletal tracking enhancements.

Note: You can add to section in your Android Manifest file to add app to Installed apps list.