Videogame to teach children to sit correctly (Nuitrack, Orbbec Astra Pro and Unity)

Hello, first of all, apologize for asking this question, I know that nuitrack is not made for people sitting in a chair and with a table, but, I need to do it in some way.

The application that I am doing must “evaluate” the position of a person sitting on a desk (in small and thin) and tells him which is the correct position.

My problem: the table does not hide much of the body of the person, but it totally interferes with the detection of the legs.

Is there any way to omit the table? Or create a separate node? Or just evaluate the lower part of the body and then the top one? Or something that comes to mind?

Help and thanks!


Hi Oscar,

Do you need to track both upper and lower parts of the skeleton? For tracking of the upper part of the skeleton, you can place the sensor so that only the part above the table is visible. The skeleton should be tracked correctly. As for tracking of the lower part (below the table), unfortunately, we cannot provide any solution yet.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.


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I think you can extract only skeleton information and then try to visualise without background.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Can you tell me about U S G H in the top right corner? Where did it come from?

Hi Aun,

These letters are Nuitrack modules:

U - User
S - Segment
G - Gestures
H - Hands

Time next to “U, S, G, H” means the working time of each module.

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