Virtual Fitting Room Demo and HandTracker Demo Doesn’t Work with Azure Kinect

I have set up a new project in Unreal 5.2.1 and imported the NuitrackUE5Plugin package. The cloths is very big and not suitable to the person, and the hand tracker sames to get a wrong posion of the hands.Any advice or suggestions to have the Kinect


Hello @crinai
What resolution of the sensor and game window is used? Maybe they just don’t have the same aspect ratios

Thanks a lot, I will try it. I buy the Nuitrack AI pan($99),I have two device connect to computer, and activate a device(kinect v2 for old app test) with it, infect I need activate the other device(for use) with the license I buyed.Can you help me reactivate my azure kinect, my license id is #53099

Hi @crinai, we have already resolved this issue in the support channel, can I help you with anything else?

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