Virtual Fitting Room Demo Doesn't Work with Rotated Azure Kinect

I have set up a new project in Unity 2021.1.27 and imported the Nuitrack Unity package. Everything works fine normally. If I rotate the sensor to 90 degrees, the body tracking no longer works correctly (either the model doesn’t map to my body at all or if it does it’s wildly distorted). Unity also crashes frequently when run with these settings. Any advice or suggestions to have the Kinect work while rotated?


Try editing this value in the config. (C:\Program Files\Nuitrack\nuitrack\nuitrack\data\nuitrack.config)
“RotateAngle”: “90”

"DepthProvider": {
        "RGB": "Auto",
        "Mirror": false,
        "RotateAngle": "90",

And then run this sample C:\Program Files\Nuitrack\nuitrack\nuitrack\bin\nuitrack_sample.exe Will the skeleton be correctly aligned with the image?

When I run the nuitrack_sample.exe with these settings the skeleton actually does not show up at all for me. *I confirmed the skeleton does show up with the sensor set to RotateAngle 0.

Thank you. We will test this case and respond soon.

Indeed, in this case there is a problem. We will try to fix this in one of the next updates.

Thank you! Any idea on a timeframe for when that update might be available?

Unfortunately, now it is difficult to specify any when it will be ready