Virtual Fitting Room not working on android?

i am Working on Virtual Fitting Room. My unity + Nuitrack working fine on windows. But when i am using VFM as Android apk. App opens but only white screen is showing. I have Nuitrack.apk which is working fine on android but not my VFM.apk ?

Please Help.

Hello @prayag
You may have an unsupported version of android. Currently 9 and below are working (version 10 is also probably working). Support for newer versions is in the near future.

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Hi @prayag, this issue is also mentioned Init Nuitrack Libraries fail at Android 11 (unity 2022.2), we plan to release resolution during September.

Then why nuitrack app for android is able to connect to my kinect 360 camera but not my unity made app ?

i am using Android 13 on Raspberry Pi 4 8GB.

In short - on recent versions of Android, it’s harder to provide an access from end-user application (like Unity apps) to a certain binary libraries inside Nuitrack.apk (due to the changes in security policies).

ok, thanks.

I am using Ubuntu for Raspberry Pi 4. But when i am importing Nuitrack Plugin to Unreal Engine it is giving error, saying " Nuitrack plugin made with older version of unreal engine".

I am using latest version of Unreal Engine. Which version should i install Nuitrack Plugin to work ?

Unreal Engine 4.25

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