!WARNING! TVico/Orbbec appears to be reporting data to China factory

You can make up your own mind about this, but I just got a TVico / 3DiVi depth sensor which uses Nuitrack and while trying to get things working I ran into the following 3 apps installed and running in the background that look very questionable. I forced stop on them. You might be able to uninstall them, but if you’re using these products you might want to investigate. They run in the background when the device boots up. They have the app permissions needed to remotely control the device entirely (and likely report anything from camera, microphone, etc. back to the factory).

Click here for screenshots of the questionable apps and permissions

Hi, as you know TVico is a bundle consisting of Orbbec Persee hardware and Nuitrack library. It uses the same android firmware as ordinary Orbbec Persee and apks you had mentioned are the part of this firmware. We will request from our partner Orbbec what the specific purpose of these packages and will provide official response in this thread. Sorry for inconvenience.

Hi, we had received official confirmation from Orbbec:

These packages are for factory quality control testing purposes only and will not collect any data from end users. If customer is concerned about these packages, uninstalling them will not affect the performance of Persee.

If you have any other concerns, please feel free to comment or create post in the forum.