Where is the "Face Tracking with Nuitrack" tutorial project?

I’m looking for the project corresponding to the Face Tracking with Nuitrack tutorial.

I downloaded the last version of the nuitrackSDK but I can’t find it. Is it possible to download it somewhere ?

Many thanks by advance !


Hi Stéphane,

You can find it here: Nuitrack SDK (1.3.7)\Unity3D\NuitrackSDK.unitypackage\Assets\NuitrackSDK\Tutorials\FaceTracker

No, it is not complete. For example, the “Color Frame Canvas prefab” and the “Skeletons Canvas” mentionned in the tutorial are missing…

The prefabs are located here: Nuitrack\Prefabs

You’re right ! Thank you very much !

Well, I put the 2 canvas in my scene. The skeleton displays correctly but I have no video on the color frame canvas. The modification in the config file does’nt solve the problem and “Color module On” is checked in the Nuitrack Manager.
Thank you for your help !

What sensor do you use?

I use the Orbbec Astra Pro

You have to enable RGB stream for Astra Pro: set “CameraID” value in the nuitrack.config file (usually it’s 0, but if it doesn’t work, try 1, 2, …). You can find nuitrack.config in Nuitrack Runtime: %NUITRACK_HOME%/data

It works ! Great ! Thank you very much !