Which camera is the best for skeleton tracking?


I’m trying to find out the best camera for skeleton tracking.

I saw D435 is not good sensor for skeleton tracking on other article.(Experiment setup for good skeleton tracking)

So, which one is the best camera for skeleton tracking?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, sorry for the late reply. We have good experience with Kinect V2 but it’s dead as you know. The Microsoft will issue the new generation of Kinect around Jume,2019. You could check that out. It looks awesome.

Thanks, then can you tell me which one is good for skeleton tracking currently available?

D415 is working alright for us

Thanks. I’ll try with D415.

based on our experience, Orbbec sensors work better with body tracking than Intel’s

I am also looking for an implementation using body tracking and google brought me to this forum.
I checked many of the questions and answers but some are a bit old and I am not sure what have changed so far. I was about to get a D415 a minute ago, I will check for Orbbec.

Is there any update to this question? There are several Orbbec units and I’m wondering which one of them might be best to work with the skeleton tracker. Thanks!

The best sensor to use depends on your use case. If you have several sensors, you can try all of them (you can use several trial licenses)