Which supported sensor works the best with NuiTrack?


I own Kinect v2, but this sensor is not supported. Which supported sensor then should I buy? Which gives the best results?

I have issues with USB3 connected sensors (Intel Real Sense) … They freeze or they do not work (with my laptop USB3) at all …
The issue is cable length as well - for longer distance USB3/optic/USB3 will be probably necessary …

The LAN/wifi connected TVico works stable …

My Kinect v2 works fine with my computers bought in 2017, but it won’t accept any other cables, so I’m limited to 5m. This is painful for interactive installations.

How about Orbbec Astra Pro? I’ve read good reviews about it. Does it provide results as good as Kinect v2?

There’s also the official TVico sensor. It’s doing the computations on the device, I guess this is limiting for other use cases, but does it better pose tracking job than other sensors?

Hi n23,

We’re planning to add support for Kinect v2 in the upcoming next release of Nuitrack SDK.

You can also use Orbbec Astra Pro as an alternative, the quality of its depth map is pretty good and can be compared to the depth quality of Kinect.

TVico uses the same depth module as Astra Pro, so, the results would be the same.