Why there is a big difference between running in Activation tool and Unity?


I am trying to track people in Unity by using Nuitrack, but recently I realized that there is a big difference between running Nuitrack in Unity and in the activation tool.

There is what I got from running it in the activation tool, which is really accurate and perfect:

However, I ran it in Unity in the same condition, and this is what I got from it, which is really bad inaccurate:

Can you help me with fixing it? What should I do to make the quality of the tracker in Unity similar to one in the activation tool?


It looks like you are using Nuitrack AI. In this case, the “Confidence” is determined for the joints, which is compared with the threshold value.

To get rid of such artifacts, change the threshold value in the SimpleSkeletonAvatar script.

Replace the value in the string if (j.Confidence > 0.5f), for example, with 0.1f and check the result.

In the next update, this parameter can be changed from the Unity editor.


Thank you for your response. I have changed the SimpleSkeletonAvatar script as you suggested and there is the result of it. It is still really different from skeleton tracking in the Activation tool.

The AI may be unstable in older versions of Nuitrack. You can disable AI in the config.

Update Nuitrack to the latest version (v0.35.5).

  1. Which version of the Nuitrack SDK are you using?
  2. What sensor do you use?
  3. Can you check if there are problems with quality of the tracker in the Actiovation Tool or in nuitrack samples and in Unity? Test with the same lighting and camera position.