Windows, Linux : nuitrack 0.36.16 unable to detect Kinect v2 sensor

I’m coming to the forum because email support seems to be rather slow. I have been unable to get my Kinect v2 for Windows sensor to show up in nuitrack 0.36.16 on either Windows or Linux (Pop_OS 22.04 or Endeavour), on multiple machines.
The sensor is detected and works fine under Brekel Body on these same machines.

On both platforms and all machines, nuitrack at launch just shows an empty sensor drop-down. Refreshing doesn’t help.

ldd shows no missing dependencies for libfreenect on Linux. UsbDk was installed by nuitrack on Windows.

I wondered if there was some troubleshooting tooling, logs, etc. somewhere that might indicate what’s going wrong. I had high hopes of using nuitrack under Linux, so this is a little disappointing at the moment.

Hi @philstopford

Sorry for the delay in reply.

Nuitrack does not officially support the Linux distributions you mentioned (Pop_OS 22.04 or Endeavour). Have you considered running under Ubuntu instead?

Regarding windows: there’s possibility that some dependency libraries conflict with Brekel Body’s libs. Try to remove Brekel Body and run Nuitrack

If you’re still struggling with issues we can arrange remote problem resolution session. Let us know if you’re interested in such.

Pop_OS 22.04 is based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, so I would be surprised if there were any issues. I can try from a Ubuntu USB just to validate this. Endeavour is my usual go-to, but I’m aware it is more difficult to support so only mentioned for information’s sake.

Brekel installs the MS drivers for Kinect as part of its installation and set-up, but otherwise should not be invasive. I can certainly try uninstalling it, but as both platforms were behaving the same way, I wondered if there was something more fundamental at-issue. I was expecting one or the other to find the Kinect 2; as neither of them did, I remain puzzled.

Tried also with a live USB boot of Ubuntu 22.04.3 and the exact same issue. nuitrack happily installed, but no sensor is seen. No error messages or other information to understand what the problem might be.

@a.bragin : I think I’d welcome a telecon to try and get this going, for Linux primarily.


I will send you a DM with a link to the calendar so that you can choose the time of the session that is convenient for you.

For the session, we will need remote access to a PC with a problem with a connected sensor. You can pick any remote access software (we prefer AnyDesk), just let us know what it’ll be.

Before the session starts, share a link to a remote connection via DM or a letter to our support ( Make sure not to share the link here (in a public topic)

Hi @philstopford

As a quick test before the session you can try to install opencl:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install ocl-icd-opencl-dev

Just in case it helps anyone else, after a remote session with support, it seemed that my sensor was too new or old (not sure which) and so support asked me to use 0.36.8 in the short term whilst they look into things.
Sadly, the trial key isn’t recognized by 0.36.8 which reports:

Activation error: NuitrackException: Server error response: License signature is incorrect. Invalid signature.
Activation error: NuitrackException: Server error response: License signature is incorrect. Invalid signature.
Activation error: NuitrackException: Server error response: License signature is incorrect. Invalid signature.

Support hasn’t yet responded to my request for a compatible trial key.

Hi @philstopford

Are you using the Live USB version of Ubuntu?
Nuitrack cannot be activated on such devices, use the installed version of the system

Ahah. OK. So I got this working under Arch in the end, with 0.36.8. I just needed to extract the data.tar.gz in the root and run the postinst to deal with the rest. debtap does something silly.

So I could get it working with the skeletal tracking, but face seemed not to work at all.

Hi @philstopford

Could you please clarify details on face tracking issue? Under what conditions did face tracking not work? Does the re-identification function work? What is the location of the sensor relative to the person’s face? Is there direct sunlight in your environment?