Windows Nuitrack Not detect my Kinect V2

Hi, I’m Noob in this field, I just purchased lisence and download win64 exe file from git hub.
However, when I try to activate, the Nuitrat AI not showing any sensors on drop down menu at all.
Kinect v2 dirver is fine, some softwares detecting Kinect v2. would anyone can tell me how to fix it?
I cannot even start with my Nuitrack :face_exhaling:

(I’m stuck here)

Thank you

Hi @lethan727

We have recently found that Kinect v2 sensors could have Product ID which is different from the one that Nuitrack expects. Will fix this in upcoming update.

As a temporal solution you could try Nuitrack v0.36.8 GitHub - 3DiVi/nuitrack-sdk at v0.36.8

PS. Just to make sure of the problem, you can attach the product ID of your sensor.

Hi @lethan727

We’ve released Nuitrack v0.37.4 that should solve your issue with KinectV2 detection. You’re welcome to check it out: GitHub - 3DiVi/nuitrack-sdk at v0.37.4