Working with RealSense D415

Im trying to do something with realsense and your framework, but i cant figure it out.
I have done everything twice, and i dont have any errors, but when i use print(CurrentUserTracker.CurrentUser); - its allways showing 0. Examples not showing anything…

I think the biggest problem is that my camera is not turning on when i`m starting unity, but in this example there is no info about realsense.init or something like that…
Creating your First Unity Project using Nuitrack SDK

When i run nuitrack_c11_sample.exe its showing many errors etc, but i see view from my realsense with timer - so i think its ok?

  • Unity 2017.3.0f3 and Unity 5.6.1 ,
  • Real Sense D415
  • I have only one device connected, done environment variables,

Hi PanKlos,

Please try to run any sample (for example, Tutorials --> Avatar Animation --> RiggedModel2.unity) from the unitypackage included in Nuitrack SDK. Nuitrack supports Intel RealSense Dxx cameras.

Please make sure that the environment variables are set for all users.

FYI - the “many errors” are not really fatal errors when running the c11 example.

They are just not the best use of language - what you see when the c11 example is running is a set of startup and testing messages that show what the init() routine is doing as it looks to find a sensor that it can connect to.


Hi !
I want to run riggedModel2, but D415 can’t work, so the avarta module in scence have not any move! I imported realsense2.0 SDK is working right.

Hi leo,

Could you please first of all run the samples that check Nuitrack operation, such as “nuitrack_c11_sample”? Do they work?