Zombie Nightmare doe snot work as expected

I had exactly followed the Unity Zombie Nightmare tutorial until the point, I want to see my legs from above.
Instead I am on the ground and I see big blue tracked legs flying over my head.
The offset value form the leg control script is aproc (0.6,-0.2,1.1).
Both nuitrack and rift generate the data. What can be wrong ?

Btw. there is a bug in the tutorial …
The equation for the offset have one more “)” at the and than necessary …

offset = head.position - q180 * (CalibrationInfo.SensorOrientation * (0.001f * skeleton.GetJoint(nuitrack.JointType.Head).ToVector3())));

shoudl be

offset = head.position - q180 * (CalibrationInfo.SensorOrientation * (0.001f * skeleton.GetJoint(nuitrack.JointType.Head).ToVector3()));

But this does not fix the head position anyway …

I had manually set the head height of the OVRCameraRig to value giving sense (1.8 m) and the tutorial produce results giving sense.

Generally I believe the idea to combine MOCAP and VR HMD is awesome.
You should add a mixture of the Avatar Animation + this sample to the tutorials so
it will be possible to see the whole body in VR. A skeleton positioning in space based
on the HMD tracking instead of Nuitrack tracking will be useful …

Hi Michal,

  1. Try to set the head to its original position and change the “Tracking Origin Type” value in the ovrmanager component.
  2. Thank you for noticing. However, there should be one more “(” instead. The correct line would be:

offset = head.position - (q180 * (CalibrationInfo.SensorOrientation * (0.001f * skeleton.GetJoint(nuitrack.JointType.Head).ToVector3())));

We’ll correct the tutorial in the near future.