360º skeletal tracking

I can make the skeletal tracking work until some degree, but if I try to turn to see my back on the screen capture and my skeletal tracking resets and understand my back as my front.

Anyone found a solution to be able to keep the skeletal tracking even if I’m slowly turning in front of the camera?

Using Nuitrack on Unity and a Orbbec Persee [TVico]

Hi Guilherme,

Standard use case for Nuitrack is tracking of the skeleton of a user standing in front of the sensor. So, Nuitrack cannot recognize that a user is turned by 180 degrees and doesn’t face the sensor based on the depth data received from the sensor.

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Hi Olga,

is 360° skeletal tracking something you’ve got on your roadmap?

Hi reinberger,

At the moment, 360° skeletal tracking is not in our road map.