Demo APK not working

I installed Bow, Bowling and Eagle but it looks like the sensor is not detecting.

The sensor is connected with bluetooth, and it works with other APK including NuitrackSample ( raw sensor data with skeleton overlapped)

It seems to protocol difference with our app and your sensor.

Do you use the last version of sensor firmware (update instructions: VicoVR SDK v1.1)? We have changed protocol and other stuff in new version.
I recommend you to install app APKs from VicoVR apps and use the latest firmware.

I managed to install the new firmware but in the VicoVRManager Streaming viewer I get error : Nuitrack data: can’t connect to 00:1A:7D:DA:71:13

So I reverted back to old firmware

You need to perform Firmware update inside VicoVR app before launching Stream Viewer.
It’s strongly recommended to update sensor firmware. All new apps are incompatible with old protocol.