Error installing Nuitrack on Windows 10


Trying to install Nuitrack on Windows 10 I get this error.



Hi Paolo,

Please advise did you install Nuitrack before (i.e., did you have a previous version of Nuitrack installed to your PC)? Try to run Nuitrack installer as Administrator.


Hi Olga,
it’s the first time I’m trying to install Nuitrack, I’ve tried also as Administrator and to change the install directory out of Program Files but the error is always the same.


  1. Do you use Windows 32-bit or 64-bit?
  2. Do you install nuitrack-windows-x64.exe or nuitrack-windows-x86.exe?
  3. Try to uninstall Nuitrack, download the package once again and install it. Perhaps, there was some error during download.