Hi .. im trying to test the nuitrack and did the activation or the "Try Nuitrack" but after clicking it . its show Exit code : 3 . and Im using xbox360 kinect v1 right now

Hi @KibaKiba, it looks like it’s the same issue as in

Second post has more details on the cause of the issue.

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I have last question sir … Do I need to verify my license key to the nuitrack so that I can use it on unity nuitrack?

Hi @KibaKiba

To use Nuitrack Unity wrapper, you need to activate the license. Unfortunately, you have a faulty Kinect sensor with empty serial number (you can see “00000000000” string on your screen). Nuitrack doesn’t work with such sensors

Hi @KibaKiba

Do you have any other questions?

Im still trying to configure this out and I buy a new camera which kinect v2 right now but when im trying to activate it in nuitrack it does say again that Activation error: NuitrackException: CURL(35) SSL connect error…

Hi @KibaKiba

That could happen when your network setting somehow block Nuitrack from accessing https://cognitive.3divi.com/

Could you try to activate Nuitrack from different network?

Hi @KibaKiba

Any updates on the issue?