Inquiries regarding and generating he recording (Excel file) of 3D coordinates of joints

Dear Community,

I am a beginner with limited knowledge of programming (unfortunately). I would like to record and generate the 3D coordinates of the joints across the time (let’s say 10-15 minutes) to check the change of posture in human being.

Is there any executable file or a simple programming command that I can use for this purpose please?

Beforehand, thanks for your time to read my post and grateful for your comments/suggestion.

Hi @Babak

Take a look at our code Examples :

More specifically this snippet :
This will get you joint coordinates
skeleton.joints[j].proj projection coords
skeleton.joints[j].real real 3D coords

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Hi @Babak

Do you have any other questions? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help.

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Dear @a.bragin Alexy,

Thank you very much for your time and follow-up on my request.
Sorry that I am layman in using codes, etc.

Shall I input these codes to the Nuitrack software once opens or may you give me further advice (or how to do it as a beginner), please?
Will these provide real time coordinates and will I be able to record them too?

Sorry for my basic questions as I am just a beginner in using codes/prpgramming.

Thank you very much.


Hello @Babak,

We will publish applications for writing skeleton data to an Excel file by the end of next week.

Could you please specify your operating system?

Dear @irakli ,

Thank you very much for your kind attitude and making it like an application which could be easier for beginner users with less experience on programming to extract the skeleton data through the Excel file.

I really appreciate it.

I use Windows 10 system.

I believe your application could be quite helpful to many users and it can also be incorporated into Nuitrack application interface as well.

Looking forward to hearing good news.



Here’s a link to the tool mentioned before by @irakli: click, and there’s also a couple of files with useful info. To install the tool, follow the instructions in the README.txt file.

Have a nice day.

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Dear @gvr (Egor) and @irakli Irakli,

Thank you very much for your time and efforts to design and share such helpful tool for recording of the coordinates.

Have a wonderful day

Hi @Babak

Let us know if you have any questions or need further guiding.

Dear @a.bragin Alexy, and @irakli Irakli and Egor

Thank you very much for your team’s efforts in making such application. I really appreciate it.

I was wondering apart recording the coordinates (x,y,z), is it possible to add some function to record the real time angle of each joint (connecting limb components) and access to it in Excel file too? It will be quite helpful for 2D assessment of angles of subjects during standing or once they do some task.

Beforehand, I apologize if my questions look basic but I really appreciate your team’s efforts to respond to even layman applicants and users of Nuitrack system.


Hello, @Babak.

We don’t quite understand what you mean by saying “2D assessment of angles”.
In order to implement such a feature, we need to know the gist of your phrase.
So, please, could you tell us a little bit more?

As soon as we get all the required info, we’ll discuss this feature at the next techincal meeting.
We’re looking forward to your response.

Dear @gvr Egor,

Thank you very much for such a great support from your side to follow-up all cases closely.
Regarding my request, as you know the joints in Nuitrack are connected to each other through the lines in between and as such we can say new “segments” are created like forearm, arm, thigh, leg, etc.

I was wondering is it possible we see the real time angle between two nearby segments and also is it possible these values be recorded in Excel file or something like that, please?

As I mentioned earlier, the question might look layman as most of users might in more advanced level to apply the sensor, but your patience and support is highly appreciated.

Thank you very much.