Is there Height restriction of Skeleton?

This is my first topic.
I am making work of art with Nuitrack and Intel RealSense D435.
Now, I overlay bone of skeleton on RGB screen in the same way as tutorial.

This can work well to adults.
However it is almost impossible to display skeletons of children whose height is less than 100cm even if RGB camera watch children.

Do you have any good solution in regards to this?
Could you please give me a hand?

I install RealSense D435 at the height 1.2m in imitation of online documentation.

(I apologize you that my English might be strange.)

Hi Arya,
Please consider a similar question:

Hi Semenyuk,
Thank you for telling me about that I need Nuitrack AI to skeleton-tracking children!

Unfortunately, we can not get Nuitrack AI yet.
So I’ll try to think about alternative plan that children can play without skeleton tracking. For example, using 3D point cloud and color information!

I’m delighted to have received your reply.