Relationship between Avatar orientation and its animation (UE5 Plugin's sample)

Hi guys,

I got a question regarding the Avatar Blueprint in the sample. Why the tracking is not proper when the the avatar’s Z-axis orientation not at 180? It is stated already in [Announcement] Nuitrack Unreal Engine 5 Plugin.

I already saw the related Blueprints, but still not understand how it works.

Thank you!

Hello @ravidfebrian
I agree that it may be difficult to understand some aspects of working with avatars right now. It is planned to simplify this in the next update

:tada: In last update has been improved Avatar Usability :tada:
Now it can be rotated on the stage in any direction :boom:

It is planned to simplify the configuration of avatars even more and update the tutorial soon. Stay tuned

Do you have any other questions?

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