[Announcement] Nuitrack Unreal Engine 5 Plugin

Hi there,

We’re happy to present our real-time body tracking for Unreal Engine 5. It could be used without writing any code, simply connecting Nodes in Blueprints :computer:
It’s perfect for developing games :video_game:, fitness apps :basketball_man: and other interactive projects with body tracking.

Get started with examples showing different Nuitrack capabilities:

  • SkeletonJoints - check what the camera sees and how the skeleton joints are tracked
  • AvatarMannequin - animate a game character using Nuitrack skeleton :man_dancing:
  • FittingRoom - how to create a virtual fitting room :dancer:
  • GesturesDemo - demonstrates how the gesture recognition works :wave:
  • HandTracker - how to use hand tracking to interact with the UI :raised_hand::raised_back_of_hand:

If you’re interested in Skeleton Tracking :man_dancing: with Orbbec, RealSense or Kinect sensors (v1, v2, Azure) :movie_camera:, you’re welcome to try out.


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