RGb image resolution

I am using nuitrack in Android, The resolution for rgb images is 320x240. How can I increase it?

In my Nuitrack.config I have 480 and 640 in all the fields but I keep receibving frames 240x320 both for depth and rgb. The nuitrack version is the 0.27.0


Hi Dev,

You have to set the resolution in your code after calling Nuitrack::init() / Nuitrack.Init() and before creating Nuitrack modules:


Nuitrack.SetConfigValue("AstraProPerseeDepthProvider.Depth.Width", "640");
Nuitrack.SetConfigValue("AstraProPerseeDepthProvider.Depth.Height", "480");

Nuitrack.SetConfigValue("AstraProPerseeDepthProvider.RGB.Width", "640");
Nuitrack.SetConfigValue("AstraProPerseeDepthProvider.RGB.Height", "480");


Nuitrack::setConfigValue("AstraProPerseeDepthProvider.Depth.Width", "640");
Nuitrack::setConfigValue("AstraProPerseeDepthProvider.Depth.Height", "480");

Nuitrack::setConfigValue("AstraProPerseeDepthProvider.RGB.Width", "640");
Nuitrack::setConfigValue("AstraProPerseeDepthProvider.RGB.Height", "480");
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Hi Olga,

I’ve tried adding your C# example to my code, however, Unity seems to crash as soon as I add these lines to my codebase. I’ve written up a more elaborate post here: Addressing Nuitrack.SetConfigValue crashes Unity on Play Do you have any idea? Thanks in advance!