[SOLVED] Best Depth camera

Hello, I’ve used the depth camera with the Nuitrack SDK a few times. I used the RealSense 435 and 455 cameras. Unfortunately, the skeleton detection quality is insufficient for me. The problem often arose in poorly lit rooms or when there was too much light, like direct sunlight or bright lamps, which would blind the camera. Even in good conditions, the detection performance was subpar, and I feel like it worked better with the Kinect v2. I wanted to purchase and test the Azure Kinect, but I found out that it has been discontinued, and the technology was taken over by Orbbec. They offer a wide range of cameras, but I’m not sure which camera would be the best option, or perhaps there’s another camera from a different company? Additionally, is it possible to connect two or more cameras to capture a single skeleton with better accuracy, for example, by looking at it from three sides?

Hi @lukaszdiekemper

Preferred sensor technologies: Structured Light or TOF. Stereo Vision sensors are not so great in terms of depth quality.
Currently our go to sensor is Orbbec Astra+. It’s depth quality is sufficient for single sensor skeletal tracking.
We do support Femto and Femto W sensors, but at the moment we have not done any tuning of algorithms for these sensors. TOF sensors (Femto series) has a potential and we’ll be gradually adding support for them as well as algorithms tuning.
Regarding multi-sensor tracking: We’re actively working on that feature at the moment. Beta version is available for testing on demand.

Hi @lukaszdiekemper

Do you have any follow-up questions?

Hi, is Nuitrack working with the Femto Mega/Bolt?
Doe this this just need updating?:

Hi @hNat

Currently, Nuitrack doesn’t support Femto Mega/Bolt.
We do have plans on adding support for them but so far without specific deadlines