[Feature Request] Convenience method for BVH export possible?

Having just got the tool going, and digging around, I was curious whether the SDK brought a convenience method to export the track per-skeleton to BVH, or whether there’s an example in the SDK for how to do this correctly.

Hi @philstopford, I believe this citation mostly answers your question:

I should also say that we plan to reformulate our Unity tutorial as a built-in feature in the Nuitrack itself during next 2-3 quarters.

I was tempted to start digging into Unity, just for personal usage, but then their recent shenanigans soured me on it, assuming they would eventually opt to turn screws even harder. Ideally, I’d like to use this with Eto.Forms and C# to see what can be done, again mainly as a personal project. I’d love to be able to avoid booting Windows to use Brekel, really, with nuitrack looking like it could be worked into such an option.

BTW you could use Nuitrack C# wrapper by itself, not necessarily inside Unity.
Also not long ago we released a beta version of UE5 plugin, possibly it could be relevant for you as a direct replacement of Unity development environment.