Intel Realsense D415 Not being detected on Unity samples

Before opening the Nuitrack SDK in Unity, I ran Nuitrack.exe and the D415 appears in the list of available 3d sensors. When I test, the camera turns on and is working with the program.

Then when I opened the SDK in Unity and try to run “First Project” the camera is not detected, as indicated by the “Skeleton not found”. Additionally, when using the camera in the Nuitrack.exe test, the light of the camera is on, yet for the unity tutorial the camera light do not turn on.

Is this a problem on the Unity side, Nuitrack, or with my camera? Because the Nuitack.exe can detect my camera in the testing phase. I am also using the trial version as I wanted to test the program before committing to buying it.

Can you give more information about your problem like the script or build settings.

Hello @SOPHIEOR. Try running Unity as administrator. If the problem is not resolved, report the version of the SDK and Nuitrack runtime.

I fixed the problem by following the answers given here:

Although it was a d435 not the d415 I followed the same steps. I uninstalled the device and the drivers than made sure the intel realsense camera was registered as Microsoft. Then uninstalled all nuitrack files and reinstalled it making sure the NUITRACK_HOME variable was set correctly. Afterwards I tested nuitrack_c11 example and it worked; the c11 example did not work before I took these steps. Afterwards the unity examples worked.

I do not know whether it was the registering the camera differently or reinstalling nuitrack that worked, but those were the steps I took and it worked.

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